Crystal Epps

Crystal Epps

Fueled By the Fire

In order to be “extraordinary,” you have to learn how to take what life throws at you and spark your own flame until you are strong enough to be “Fueled by the Fire.”

The issues of life don’t come to destroy you but they come to make you stronger, to give you the inward ability to fight for what is right, the desire to speak up for others, the courage to start new endeavors, and the ability to be the woman that you were created to be!

My life has been filled with several tiny sparks that were overbearing at times. From being born with one kidney, growing up in poverty, growing up in a single parent household, dropping out of school, and being sexually abused as a child. Also, living through abusive relationships, two failed marriages, walking through Stage 3 triple negative breast cancer and burying my 24 year old daughter in 2017. When I look back over my life I realize that the fire did not literally consume me but it “fueled” my inner ambitions and it gave me the strength and courage I needed to continue on to be the woman that I am created to be.

Life is not always about who makes it to the top first or who wins the gold medal. Life is about going back and helping other women fight the battles that we have successfully overcame. It is about reaching your hand out and pulling others up from the things that are holding them back. Life is about getting over your worst fears and finally standing up for what you believe in. Life is about having to move forward when your plans did not work out the way you expected. Life is about standing in the midst of fear and pain, speaking up for what is right and still being able to help others out along the way.

Crystal D. Epps has learned to walk in obedience through the things that she has suffered. She has spent many years trying to hide from being in emotionally, physically and sexually abusive relationships. Instead of allowing the catastrophic things in life destroy her, the fire from all of the hurt and pain began to fuel and give Crystal the inner strength and courage she needed to “speak out,” and tell her story so that others would be set free!

Crystal is the single parent of four children who struggled to raise her children while overcoming the emotional, physical and sexual abuse that she endured as a teen and adult. Crystal also has 4 beautiful grandchildren; she is the Youth Pastor at United Faith Fellowship Church of God where she has been a part of the New Wine Prison ministry team for several years. Crystal is currently working as a Supervisor at Bethesda Lutheran Services and she spends every day helping others overcome the issues of life.