Bonnie Artman Fox

Bonnie Artman Fox

Six Behaviors to Put Out the Fires of Conflict

Whether you are a leader in title or leader of yourself, how you handle stress, conflict, and difficult relationships impact everyone around you.

It’s not what happens, it’s how you respond that makes the difference between being a leader who contributes to a healthy work culture or distracts from it.
During this program you will learn how to respond at the first spark of conflict and put out flames before they incinerate your office. You will walk away with a positive perspective of how even heated conversations can strengthen relationships and results for your organization.

With almost a 30 year combined background as a Psychiatric Nurse and Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist, Bonnie Artman Fox understands how unresolved conflict can erode the best of relationships. As a Work Culture Speaker, Consultant, and Coach she takes senior leaders and their teams from concept to action with practical strategies that strengthen organizational health. The end result is optimized employee performance, leadership impact, and competitive advantage.

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