Melissa McGavick

Melissa McGavick

Fire Up after Burning Out
Do you feel like your life is under fire? Are you feeling a bit burnt?  Would you like to set the world on fire but you don’t have any spark left? If you feel like your life is “hair-on-fire” busy this session is for you.

You can only Go, Go, GO for so long.  Eventually you need to relax, recharge, and recalibrate. In this session, Melissa McGavick will share with you several techniques you can use to: 

  • Prevent burnout by building margin in your life
  • Overcome burnout when it catches you
  • Light up your career, personal life and well-being

Melissa McGavick wants to live in a world filled with competent and confident professionals, French pastries with a negative calorie intake and mandatory massage Mondays. She transformed the skills she learned getting her degree in journalism into a tailored selling technique that has led to more than 20 years of sales success. During her sales career she has successfully sold lipsticks in living rooms, international roll outs of technology training in boardrooms of Fortune 500s, and convinced c-suite executives and top sales pros to move to venture capital funded start-ups. After being asked to “train the new guy” more times than she can count, she wised up and started her own training company, McGavick Interactive Training. When she’s not speaking, training or creating courses to help business leaders and professionals to be more polished, professional, persuasive and pleasant under pressure, you can find her running barefoot with her two pint-sized pups.

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