Melinda Stallings Female Firepower 2019 Speaker

Melinda Stallings

The Infinite Power of Positive

Melinda Stallings has been hailed as a visionary and a thought leader. Ms. Stallings is the creator of The POSITIVE Approach, ™ a principled approach born professionally to reduce conflict in organizations with the added benefit of a positive impact within personal relationships,

Melinda is the author of the acclaimed paradigm-altering book, “The Power of Positive Conflict Resolution; How to take any Situation from Breakdown to Breakthrough in 8 Simple Steps”. Her accompanying 2-day seminar delivers a powerful, purposeful, practical method for reducing conflict within the workplace thereby encouraging a culture of trust, respect and co-creation.

She holds a B.S in Business Administration, a Masters in Industrial Organizational Psychology and is a strong thought leader in the newer field of Positive Psychology. The astute professional integration of these disciplines has enabled her to consult, advise and advance relationships and group dynamics in some of the most prominent organizations in the world for over 20 years. From Fortune 5 companies, prominent national and international Universities to startup ventures, from NASA astronauts to emerging leaders, her goal has once central theme – enable the greatness in individuals which will inherently enable the greatness within their organizations.

She holds the esteemed Society of Human Resources Senior Certified Professional distinction as well as that of the Certified Personal and Professional Coach. She is a certified mediator in the United States with a concentration in the field of HR. She has held prominent positions on local, state and national boards throughout the United States. Most importantly, the principles she espouses throughout her speeches, consulting and work strategy sessions mirrors the strong, trustworthy relationship that has been established throughout the design, development and delivery of providing for the needs of her clients.

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